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Friday, March 29, 2013

Obscura Festival

OBSCURA Photo Festival 
June 21 to 30 2013.
Georgetown Penang, Malaysia

OBSCURA Festival is an international photography festival that features Asian stories through Asian photographers. It aims to showcase the best of Asian photography to the world, and also bring the finest photographic works from around the globe to the Asian audience.

OBSCURA Festival is a unique platform for exchange, education and networking. These goals are achieved through an exciting programme of exhibitions, workshops, talks, screenings and portfolio reviews.

The first of its kind in Malaysia, OBSCURA Festival will bring focus to landmark works of some of the most promising Asian photographers. At the same time,  it aspires to champion a healthy discourse, using photographs to emphasize the preservation of culture and heritage.

Our long term aim is to exist beyond the festival; to nurture and support Asian photography and the continued telling of Asian stories through them.

Follow OBSCURA Photo Festival via their website, Facebook Page & Twitter.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

RJ Fernandez' Moving Mountains

The Moving Mountains project came about from personal research on the mining situation in the Philippines. I wanted to do something in the Cordilleras, specifically in and around Baguio as I've always had an affinity with the place. Most of the areas I photographed in were around 40 minutes from the city centre. Baguio to me is a bit like the wild wild west: cowboys and indians, mining, gold panning, undercurrents of American influence whilst at the same time retaining a tribal identity. It's a fascinating place.

The photos were shot both on a 5x4 and 120 format. I have always shot on film so there was no question about how I would do it- it was mainly an issue of how I was going to take the film back. I had to process in Baguio and Manila because airport x-rays. If in London, I would process myself. I shot in black and whites as well and processed myself or with the help of Tommy Hafalla in Baguio. I was assisted by my good friend Ruel Bimuyag. He helped me immensely and I was able to navigate the language barrier as he explained what I wanted to do quite well. 

In London, I work with an amazing printer called Brian Dowling. We mainly work together on other photographers images at a place called BDI- I work as a retoucher and colour grader. Moving Mountains was printed by him. He has an amazing feel for images, and he responds to them in such a way that no other person in the world does. He has years of experience printing for the best photographers in the world, a wealth of knowledge and an all around nice guy. Having an amazing printer is priceless. - RJ Fermamdez

RJ Fernandez' Moving Mountains was included in the Format 13 Exposure 2013.

Please see RJ Fernandez' Moving Mountains series via her website.
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