RJ Fernandez' Moving Mountains

The Moving Mountains project came about from personal research on the mining situation in the Philippines. I wanted to do something in the Cordilleras, specifically in and around Baguio as I've always had an affinity with the place. Most of the areas I photographed in were around 40 minutes from the city centre. Baguio to me is a bit like the wild wild west: cowboys and indians, mining, gold panning, undercurrents of American influence whilst at the same time retaining a tribal identity. It's a fascinating place.

The photos were shot both on a 5x4 and 120 format. I have always shot on film so there was no question about how I would do it- it was mainly an issue of how I was going to take the film back. I had to process in Baguio and Manila because airport x-rays. If in London, I would process myself. I shot in black and whites as well and processed myself or with the help of Tommy Hafalla in Baguio. I was assisted by my good friend Ruel Bimuyag. He helped me immensely and I was able to navigate the language barrier as he explained what I wanted to do quite well. 

In London, I work with an amazing printer called Brian Dowling. We mainly work together on other photographers images at a place called BDI- I work as a retoucher and colour grader. Moving Mountains was printed by him. He has an amazing feel for images, and he responds to them in such a way that no other person in the world does. He has years of experience printing for the best photographers in the world, a wealth of knowledge and an all around nice guy. Having an amazing printer is priceless. - RJ Fermamdez

RJ Fernandez' Moving Mountains was included in the Format 13 Exposure 2013.

Please see RJ Fernandez' Moving Mountains series via her website.


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