Zone V Camera Club Sees Red

Digital Exchange, Glorietta 3, Ayala center, Makati
April 26, 2008 thru May 4,2008

For their 30th anniversary exhibit, the Zone Five Camera Club has chosen to see red. Combining their eye for composition with the technology available, the resulting images bring out the power of red. Black and White photographs are given a red element creating a striking statement drawing the viewer into a new way of looking at things. As the tools available to photographers improve, the possible variations are only limited by the imagination.

The title of the exhibit probably says it all. Zone Five sees red. But they are not angry. Not at all. They are just seeing red. They hope you see red as well. Zone Five Sees Red: an exhibit of black and white images with a splash of red.

To know more, visit Anton Sheker's blog.
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