Beyond The Currents: The Culture and Power of Sulu

The Yuchengco Museum invites you to the unveiling of the exhibit Beyond the Currents: The Culture and Power of Sulu on June 21, Saturday, at 10:30 a.m. Beyond the Currents, which runs until September 24, looks into the fascinating story of the forces that consolidated Sulu's power as central to the trade movements between Europe and China.

Of all the places in the Philippines that had early relations with China, Sulu had always been special. The earliest accounts on Sulu are found in Chinese records in the Yuan Dynasty (1278 — 1368) when trade between the Chinese and the inhabitants of Sulu accelerated. After centuries of commercial relations, Chinese culture permeated Sulu. 

Sulu: Beyond the Current showcases the art, culture, and lifestyle of the people of Sulu, tracing the archipelago's Chinese roots. Opening on June 21, the exhibit will especially delve on Sulu's ethnolinguistic communities, economic power through maritime trade, and instruments of expanding power and social status. 
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