Alternative Photographic Processes Workshop with Neal Oshima

May 9, 10am-4pm/ May 16, 2-5pm
20 slots available

Learn to coat your own photo-sensitive emulsions on paper and cloth.

Silverlens will be holding a workshop by Neal Oshima on Alternative Photographic Processes, primitive cameras and handcoated emulsions. The two-Saturday workshop which is part of his exhibition Play will include slide presentations of historical photography practices, as well as hands-on instruction on mixing and coating photographic emulsions on paper and cloth, covering the Cyanotype and Van Dyke Kallitype Processes. Construction of pinhole and homemade cameras will also be discussed.

The second session will be an informal presentation and critique of the works created by the students during the workshop. No prerequisites are necessary to attend this class. Art teachers are encouraged to learn this simple process and can avail of a discount on fees.

Call Leonore at 8160044 or 09052650873, email
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