L to R

L to R
Lisa Lerec, Leah Sanchez, Reina Sanchez, Carlos Tito Santos, Rachelle Wenger and Thomas Wenger
August 27, Thursday, 6-9pm

L-to-R, curated by photographer Johann Espiritu, presents photographs from his six-week workshop, "The Idea of Creativity in Photography". L-to-R stands for "left to right", the order in which the class would often critique images. On a superficial level, these works do not appear to have any relationship to each other. It is common practice for the viewer of a group show to look for connections between images. Are the subjects similar? Are they made or presented using like materials? What do Liza Lecrec's color photos of a life-size doll attending a meeting with men in suits; Leah Sanchez's boxes housing photos of home; Carlos Tito Santos'Rachelle Wenger’s studies on curiosity; Thomas Wenger's sometimes studied, sometimes spontaneous photographs; and Reina Sanchez's ink-jet prints on recycled paper have in common? They are made by people who discovered what they care about and what photography can be.

Image: Reina Sanchez, Color TV, 2009
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