Epson Color Imaging Competition 2009

Congratulations to the Epson Color Imaging Competition 2009!

Grand Prize Winner:
chito Cleofas 'Splash in a Rush'

Manuel Marcelo "Ops, Wait for Me"
Sean Dinno Sandoval "Mahuli Taya"

Top 21:
Samuel de Leon: "Brave World"
Danilo Victoriano: "Ondoy's Innovent Victims"
Lino Armuenda: "Lady Vendor"
Edwin Robert Cortes: "Tired of Monkeying around"
Al Fritz Ermac: "Seeing the Future"
Raniel Castaneda: "Corn Harvest"
Ivy Cabardo: Untitled entry
Luis Cinco: "Water, Water everywhere"
David Leprozo: "Wooden Scooter All In A Row"
Eric John Azucena: "Graduation Joy"
Leslie Chua: "Swim Fan"
Jed Ray Calara: "Chillin'"
Peter Ang: "Boy Refreshing # 1"
Richard Ladia: "Playmates"
Rogelio Vicente Jr.: "Fun at the beach"
Gifford John Perral: "Look"
JM Leovy Chua: "Balloon Man"
Ronald Barretto: "Easy on a Sunday Evening"

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Photos: Dennis Rito

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