Sign up now! - Petition to allow unrestricted access to photograph public places in Manila

Today, there are existing restrictions limiting public photography in several parts of Metro Manila. Some places may require permits that take forever to process, while others simply won't allow it. There have even been several reported instances of harassment by police or security personnel on photographers, artists, and even tourists as a result of this.

Let's make a stand and let our voices be heard. Sign our petition to allow photography in all public places. This petition will be sent to the League of Mayors so that they know this is an issue. The bigger we get, the stronger our voice becomes.

In the example of famous architectures like The Eiffel Tower in Paris, The Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia, The Sydney Opera House in Australia or even the Golden Gate Bridge in San Franciso - taking photos is very much allowed and encouraged. What is not allowed is to sell these photos for profit without the city's permission.

Our appeal isn't about allowing people to photograph inside malls or private properties. Our appeal is a lot simpler. We'd like to take photos on public streets, avenues, and other PUBLIC PLACES OF INTEREST. We see no issue why these should not be allowed.

We appeal to you - the everyday photographer, the artist, the traveler, and even the curious. Sign our petition today and let others know about our cause.

Sign up now!

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