Placing the Transition, A Talk by Carlos Celdran

Placing the Transition 
A Talk by Carlos Celdran with an Introduction to Teodulo Protomartir by Uro dela Cruz
July 1, 2010, Thursday @ 6-8pm

Teodulo Protomartir was there in 1946 when the Americans gave the Philippines its independence. On July 4, he witnessed the birth of the Philippine Republic. For the first time, the Philippine flag flew alone and free. The Filipino crowd cheering by, planes flying overhead, floats lining the parade...a celebration it was. And Protomartir caught it all on still camera.

Almost sixty-fours years to the day, on July 1 will be a talk by Carlos Celdran, celebrated tour guide and authority on Manila's history. Entitled Placing The Transition, the talk bridges 1946 and 2010 with photos of the places Protomartir photographed as they are today. Uro dela Cruz will also be giving an introduction to Protomartir.

Beyond historical evidence, the significance of Protomartir's images is meaningful. Protomartir hands to the Filipino people cultural treasures that should remain part of Filipino identity and memory. Sixty-four years later, we celebrate Protomartir. We celebrate Manila. We celebrate Philippine Independence.

The talk will be on July 1, Thursday, 6-8pm at Silverlens Gallery. This event is free of charge. RSVP call 8160044 or email

Being There 1946: The Legacy of Teodulo Protomartir is on display until July 3,2010.
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