Chobi Mela VI

Chobi Mela VI: International Festival of Photography 2011
Theme: Dreams
Submission Deadline: 7 August 2010

Chobi Mela VI will be launched on 21 January 2011. The theme of the festival is Dreams. Photo practitioners are invited to submit work on the theme, and are encouraged to explore the boundaries of their medium. Guidelines for both online and offline submissions are provided below.

Last date for submissions is 7 August 2010. Participants will be notified by email by 21 August 2010. Participants may continue to work on their proposed projects, but will need to submit prints or camera-ready artwork or high resolution digital files suitable for printing, by 21 September 2010.

Apart from solo exhibitions, collective work are also welcome. Photographers, whether they are fine artists, documentary photographers, or from any other field of photography can participate individually or in groups. Non-photographic work that has a direct relevance to the theme of the festival may also be acceptable.

The festival will feature:
  • Exhibitions (solo/collective)
  • Digital presentations
  • Workshops
  • Discussions/Seminars/Lectures
  • Presentations by Picture Libraries/Agencies
  • Review of image-related publications
  • Publication ceremony
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Film-shows
  • Video Conferences
  • Display/Sales stalls
Chobi Mela retains the right to publish photographs and text from shows selected for exhibit, in promotional material relating to the festival. Such content will not be used in any other form, unless specifically authorized by the artist as in the case of a calendar.

Chobi Mela does not sponsor shows and no fees will be paid to artists. However for work that is selected, Chobi Mela expects to receive digital files for printing and the organizers will bear the cost of printing. The festival will organize gallery space and an opening reception for selected exhibitions.

Chobi Mela will also publish a catalogue and posters for the entire festival, which will feature all participating artists. Selected exhibitions will be toured internationally. The presence of local and international media partners will ensure extensive coverage in media.

Artists may take their prints back by paying for courier charges at the end of the festival or after touring the exhibition.

See festival guidelines here.
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