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ANINAG.ORG is an online magazine on Philippine Documentary Photography is now up and is on soft launch! The site, formed by Estan Cabigas and two other Manila based photographers, Buck Pago & Gigie Cruz, will feature photo documentary works through a series of releases or issues over the next few months.

Documentary Photography has long been a tradition in the Philippines with several photographers creating meaningful works. However, opportunities for publication and exhibition of such works are limited.

The idea of forming a platform for Philippine Documentary Photographers came independently to Estan Cabigas and Buck Pago. Both recognize the importance of internet communications technologies that can be utilized to showcase the works of Filipino photographers as well as to encourage documentary photography in the country.

In 2009, we both separately initiated dialog with fellow photographers but nothing came out of it. In April 2010, through photojournalist and mentor, Jimmy Domingo, we unified our efforts and vowed to make this idea to fruition. Gigie Cruz, a mutual friend, development worker and fellow documentary photographer came on board to complete the trio.

Aninag will focus on documentary photography in the Philippines by Filipinos.
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