EcoLOGIC: Nature Being Art

The common denominator between the artists involved in this group exhibition at the Baguio Museum is that everyone is an advocate (but not limited to) promoting ecological/environmental issues by way of the arts. Lamentable as it is as the Philippine Art Scene continues to witness the disillusion or suspicion on the “phasic” nature of the local arts by the alleged dominance of a particular style or genre of art making; that the term ecological/environmental art (no matter how contemporary the ecological/environmental issue is) has continued to be relegated to the impression of the flora, the fauna and the landscape. It has continued to remain the nativist strain of Filipino aesthetics; marginalized from the perspective of “indigenous art” or the art done in the regions and provinces; thus has to take the backseat.

In this group exhibition, the works showcased are not merely the presentation of the traditional landscapes, flora and/or fauna. The artworks focus on the more elemental side of nature (air, water, fire, metal, earth). The works center when the “landscape” is in a state of flux or transformation. Therefore we focus on the character. The artworks convey nature at very unique or unusual moments, thus capturing the sense of a place. These critical and temporal settings provide a sense of the majestic mythic persona that mother-nature hardly ever unveil. We seek out and expound the consequential when an environment resonates with the human spirit and we try to communicate these moments poetically.

The artists in the exhibit include William Antonio, Ral Arrogante, Aaron Bautista, JCrisanto Martinez, Wayan Narra, Andy Orencio, Christian Regis, Dennis Rito, and Marga Rodriguez. In this exhibit, the artists work with varied format-sized multi-media to convey and capture the contemporary scope.

EcoLOGIC (NatureBeingArt) is curated by JCrisanto Martinez. It opens at The Baguio Museum on April 8, 2011 at 3:0 p.m. and shall be on view until April 29, 2011. The Baguio Museum is located at the DOT Compound, Governor Pack Road, Baguio City, 2600 Philippines. For inquiries about the EcoLOGIC artworks and the exhibition, please contact Ms. Gemma Gardingan at (6374) 444.75.41, sms at (+63) 915.655.06.68, or thru email at Further inquiries about the artists and the artworks can be coursed thru sms at (+63) 922.331.41.08, or via email at