FOTO A FOTO. A Portrait of Spain

The exhibit offers sixty snapshots taken by fifteen of the best Spanish photographers who, from the middle of the last century up to the present, have carried out their work starting from their personal approaches and visions that differ not only in the content but also in the aesthetic way of addressing the representation.

Photographers included in the exhibition are: Israel Ariño, José Manuel Ballester, Jordi Bernadó, Juan Manuel Castro Prieto, Francesc Catalá-Roca, Alberto García-Alix, Gonzalo Juanes, Fernando Manso, Ángel Marcos, Ramón Masats, Juan Millás, José Manuel Navia, Txema Salvans, Marta Soul and Miguel Trillo.

The exhibit will run from 25 October 2011 until January 14 2012, at Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Monday to Sunday from 9am – 6pm (closed Sundays, holidays and every first Monday of the month).

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