Nadine Stijns

'Urban eclecticism #02' © Nadine Stijns
'Method to the Madness at Hypermarket' Manila, Philippines © Nadine Stijns
'Luxurious Afterlife' Manila, Philippines 2012 © Nadine Stijns

'Makati Golf Club' Manila, Philippines © Nadine Stijns

Photographer Nadine Stijns graduated in 2001 from the Royal Academy of Visual Arts The Hague, The Netherlands. Ever since she has been working on multidisciplinary collaborations in the field of the applied arts as well as on autonomous projects. From 2009 her work has gotten a more documentary character as a result of an artist-in-residence at The Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in Beijing.
Nadine dissects recognizable but extraordinarily strong visual cultural identities she observes both in her own world as well as in other cultures such as in China and the Philippines. She is strongly attracted to the materiality and tactility of objects and the duality of how something is designed and how it functions in everyday life.

Though her starting point is photography, she balances between photography and three dimensional, experimental installations; as well as diving into the material world of textile and objects.

Nadine Stijns worked for a diversity of clients such as TEDx, NOC-NSF, MTV, Items, PRINT magazine, the Dutch Mediafoundation, ID Pure, Subbacultcha!, Dutch Council of Culture and MSLM Magazine. She presented her work at TAG in The Hague and Amsterdam, KOP Breda, Breda Photo, LhGWR, NP3 Groningen, The Empty Quarter Gallery in Dubai and the RĂ©sidence de la Mode.

The work of Nadine Stijns is represented by LhGWR, The Hague
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