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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Le Plat du Jour

Le Plat du Jour
A Sumptuous Photo Art Exhibit about Food
3 - 31 December 2009
Blacksoup Cafe + Art Space
134 Unit G Maginhawa St.,
Sikatuna Village, Quezon City
Phone: 435-2549

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Copyright for Photographers

My friend Kat Palasi over at IPRPhoto is organizing a Forum on Copyright for Photographers. Resource person will be Intellectual Proerty Consultant Precious Leano. This is the first of a series and will be held on 3rd day of December 2009 at Vargas Museum, UP Diliman. This is a free event but requires an RSVP via Hurry! Limited slots available.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tommy Hafalla

© Tommy Hafalla - from his award-winning series 'Cliff Hanger: Death Rite'

In his introduction, Tommy wrote:

In Sagada one will only have the privilege of being interred by the cliffs. The “Sangadil” starts by putting the deceased in an upright position on a chair. This takes place on the third day after death. The corpse is dressed with a hand-woven fabric in stripes, the higher the status, the more stripes there should be. Once done, the families commence a litany of prayers depicting the life and genealogy of the deceased. After which, the death blanket (“pinagpagan”) is wrapped around the deceased. This ball like bundle is then passed on from one pair of hands to another in a fast-paced manner almost running, until the procession of men reach the cliffs of “echo valley” some 2 kilometers away from the village. The wooden coffin is already waiting at its designated place. The name of the deceased written on its side, when the procession reaches the site, the remains are lain to its final resting place—hanging by the cliff—amid cheers and clapping hands.

'Cliff Hanger: Death Rite' by Filipino photographer Tommy Hafalla was among the work which garnedred HPA 2009 documentary Award which aims to call upon photographers all over the world to record and preserve the heritage of folk culture.

See HPA 2009 Gallery here.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Zero in Periphery

The periphery is almost always in contrast to the center. In terms of power, it is the marginalized or the unexamined. In terms of geopolitics, it is the farther reaches of our country where the dictum of Manila presumably sets the trends. In terms of attention, it is what is often seen only as a vague form but never acknowledged in full consciousness. In terms of essence, it is existent but never fully essential.

Much of our history is only written as footnotes. Many competing voices are never fully heard or have, at certain times, been ignored or obliterated from memory. Many phenomena are never fully understood and just lie in dormant state, non-threatening but never fully eliminated from our consciousness. The irony is that the periphery, although can be conceived as non-essential, can also be an avenue of possibility, of action and resistance.

Loaded: DPP Holiday Event

Schedule of Activities
20 November 2009
Rockwell Tent

12-1PM: Gunther Diechmann: MacOSX Workflow For Photographers - Gunther Diechmann is an accomplished travel photographer who is also a Apple endorsed photographer. He will be speaking about developing an effective workflow using Mac.

1-2PM: Jo Avila: Let Me Photoshop It For You - Jo Avila will take files from the audience and will post process the images using tried and tested techniques.

2-3PM: Richard Larios: Fine Art Black And White Landscape Photography - A true landscape artist, Larios will share his technique on how to create beautiful Fine Art Landscape photographs.

3-4PM: Pilar Tuason: Finding Beauty: A Guide To Outdoor Female Portraiture / - Pilar Tuason will take a crew of 50 photographers on a live shoot with her around the Rockwell premises. The intent is to show how to get beautiful photographs under ordinary conditions using available light.

3-4PM: Wesley Villarica: Lighting For Fashion Photographers - We all know that Wesley Villarica shoots for the country's top fashion magazines. Wesley will shoot live and demonstrate to everyone his Fashion Lighting Techniques.

4-5PM: Pilar Tuason: Finding Beauty: A Guide To Female Portraiture - Pilar takes her the results of the live shoot and will talk the audience through the thought process and the results. She will also present other photographs from her current work and explain how all the shots were taken.

5:30-6:30PM: Break

6:30-7:30PM: Raul Echivarre: Travel Light: A Photographic Journey - We all know that Raul Echivarre is one of most respected Travel photographers here on DPP. We cornered him to speak in our event and he agreed to share his travel photography secrets.

7:30-8:30PM: Xander Angeles: The X Factor: The man who revolutionized Philippine fashion photography is back in Manila but for only a short time. Xander will go through his current work in New York and explain how to achieve the X FACTOR in all your fashion images.

8:30-10:00: Live Judging- Our night cap, we take the photos you submitted for our contest and have our judges critique them live in front of an audience. For those of you who missed our last Live Judging at Fully Booked High Street last June, you won't want to miss this. You will learn exactly what goes through a judges mind and can take this knowledge to improve your photography. The Judges: Pilar Tuason, Raul Echivarre, Jo Avila, Xander Angeles, Gutsy Tuason Warning: Expect profanity!


Note: PPS is not affiliated with DPP. Please check with organizers for details/ changes on the said event.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SIPF 2008 Exhibition @ Silverlens

On December 11 to January 9, select works from the Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF) 2008 will travel to Manila for a month long exhibition.

SIPF satellite partner, Silverlens Gallery, hosts the visual feast for the Filipino community, providing extended exposure for the select SIPF 2008 photographers.

The SIPF is a biennial gathering of minds from around the world with the common pursuit of advancing the art and appreciation of photography. The 2008 SIPF hosted juried exhibitions, workshops, and portfolio reviews.

The SIPF exhibition at Silverlens Gallery opens on December 11 and runs until January 9 2010. For more information and inquiries, please contact 816-0044; or visit the gallery’s website at /

Exhibiting Artists:
Amdadul Huq, Bangladesh; Chae Kyung, South Korea; Corinne Vionnet, Switzerland; Ho Hui May, Singapore; Joel Yuen, Singapore; Khairul Azril Ismail, Malaysia; 
Luis González Palma, Argentina; Paul Kohl, USA; 
Vee Speers, Australia; Zhao Renhui, Singapore.

 Cathy Paras-Lara
Communications Manager, Silverlens Gallery
T: 816-0044

Click here for other related events.

Image: Vee Speers, (left) Untitled 1, (right) Untitled 3, from The Birthday Party Series

Thursday, November 12, 2009

World Pyro Olympics 2009

Here's a good photo opp. Know more about WPO 2009.

POSTPONED. Wait for further announcement from the organizers.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Best Practice Recommendations for Social Networking Sites

In response to member requests, ASMP commissioned attorney Chris Reese to undertake a review of the Terms of Service (TOS) of six social media sites and to prepare findings and recommendations. The sites included in his assessment are Facebook, Photobucket, Flickr, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter. This report presents recommended best practices, considerations, common terms used, and hypothetical situations photographers may face when images are posted on social networking sites.

Summary of Best Practices
  • Decide why you are considering posting your images
  • Read the Terms of Service
  • Browse through the site to get an idea of its functionality
  • Decide whether you have chosen the right social networking site
  • Embed each image with copyright, contact, and other information
  • Consider posting only small, low resolution versions of your work
  • Review the TOS regularly to see if the terms have changed
  • Contact the site if you become aware of misuse of your images
Continue reading ASMP Best Practice Recommendations for Social Networking Sites

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Found via: The Click

Just a thought

'Professional photographer' is defined as as someone who make a living out of his/her practice of photography. But how will you define a photographer who is not making considerable amount of money from his/her work but is dedicated to his/her craft? Can he/she be called 'professional' photographer?

Comments and insights are highly appreciated.

Postcards from Manila

Windmills in Bangui, Ilocos Norte had been photographed a hundred times and its refreshing to see some unique POV. See more of Bobby Wong's travel images (available free for personal use). Head on to:

Monday, November 9, 2009

Talk on Creativity with Gilda Cordero-Fernando and other artists

Artist Talk
November 14, Saturday

Bridging the Arts and the Sciences

Be here when the arts and sciences walk and talk a common path. In a rare conversation, a panel of artists and scientists will explore with the audience what it means to be creative in their respective fields.

Do they both experience eureka moments? If they do, do these moments come with a big bang or lightly on tiptoe? In what measure is creativity genetic or nurtured? Is it absolutely essential that society support the artist and scientist so they can excel at what they do?

Maria Isabel Garcia, curator of The Mind Museum at Taguig, will mediate this risky rendezvous between artists and scientists. Gilda Cordero-Fernando will conduct a creative exercise-join panel discussion. This activity caps the art exhibit Philippines, Oh My! Philippines of GCF.

The event is free of charge but reservations are required. Please contact Leonore Casuga at 8160044 or email us at

Image: Gilda Cordero-Fernando, Miss Philippines between Two Colonizers, 2009

Isa Lorenzo, 004:Release

Opening Reception: Nov 18 (Wednesday) 6-9PM

Isa Lorenzo, 004: RELEASE

Largely a meditative reaction to her time as a recipient of the Japan Foundation Jenesys Program Creator-in-Residence at Tokyo Wonder Site, Isa Lorenzo’s ‘RELEASE’ explores the underside of the Japanese cultural identity – one that prioritizes homogeneity and conformity - and probes human expressions for “letting one’s hair down,” and “blowing off steam.”

Using the Philippines as her reference point, the artist observed that the assimilated group identity in Japan supersedes the individual’s identity. They have a saying: the nail that sticks out is hammered hardest. As a reaction to societal homogeneity, their “expressions for releasing control are extreme in Japan through subcultures—fetish, cosplay, and wota. As the title suggests, my work for this show takes off from this premise of releasing control,” says Lorenzo.

The photograms in RELEASE are from printed material ubiquitous to public spaces: tear sheets, exhibition flyers, performance advertising. They are layered aesthetically and printed correctly with the corresponding tonalities. Half of the pieces in ‘RELEASE, she leaves unaltered. They remain controlled. The other half, she disrupts the perfect layering and printing by using micro explosives - a release control from the darkroom.

Followers of Lorenzo’s work will notice that each piece is titled with a word or two – a marked departure from her pattern of leaving works numbered or dated. Lorenzo says, “the series is a set of traditional and universal symbols but are also personal talismans to move ahead in life”. ‘RELEASE’ is a collective set of accidents and mistakes, of images disrupted, of spontaneous signifiers.

Isa Lorenzo’s RELEASE will run from November 18 to December 12 at Slab’s 20Square and will be shown alongside Rachel Rillo’s ‘GRAIN’ at the Silverlens Gallery across the bridge.

For inquiries and more information on RELEASE, please contact Cathy Paras-Lara at or 816-0044.


Grain by Rachel Rillo

Opening Reception: Nov. 18 (Wednesday) 6-9PM
Silverlens Gallery

Rachel Rillo Breaks It Down With ‘GRAIN’

Rachel Rillo opens her latest photography exhibit, ‘GRAIN,’ on November 18, 6pm at Silverlens Gallery.

Her latest work is a meditation on paring things down to their material source: plaster, wood, plastic. Objects photographed are small figures that are visual representations of something real. With the use of light alone, Rillo intentionally alters and deletes backgrounds and other contextual hints. Size, the environment and any other relationship the object photographed could have outside of the material from which it is made and what it symbolizes has been negated.

“Photographically, this particular work was a challenge because I had to get rid of all clues surrounding the object. The task was to make the photographs as minimal as I could get them to be without touching them up or altering them with light,” says Rillo.

GRAIN is a glimpse into the quiet truths in the most basic of equations. A cube with a triangular top is instantly a symbol of a house. A rounded figure on a shaft is a bust symbolizing a human form.

There are installations of photographs of religious iconography paired with a small plastic bag of ground, melted, pulverized, and pulped material. Assuming that the bag holds part of the subject, the photographer posits the questions: Has the idol, icon, or symbol lost its meaning? Is it sacrilege? Is it a gram of dirt or a holy gram?

GRAIN is a meditation on the elusive gestures of form and material - the nuanced expression, the violent confrontation, the abandoned and scarred. It is a reflection of the disjunctive spaces between symbolism and spirituality, memory and possession.


Remember When: A Photo Exhibit by Rene Lumawag

Remember When
A Photo Exhibit by Rene Lumawag
12 November 2009, 4PM
2/F SM City Davao

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

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