Talk on Creativity with Gilda Cordero-Fernando and other artists

Artist Talk
November 14, Saturday

Bridging the Arts and the Sciences

Be here when the arts and sciences walk and talk a common path. In a rare conversation, a panel of artists and scientists will explore with the audience what it means to be creative in their respective fields.

Do they both experience eureka moments? If they do, do these moments come with a big bang or lightly on tiptoe? In what measure is creativity genetic or nurtured? Is it absolutely essential that society support the artist and scientist so they can excel at what they do?

Maria Isabel Garcia, curator of The Mind Museum at Taguig, will mediate this risky rendezvous between artists and scientists. Gilda Cordero-Fernando will conduct a creative exercise-join panel discussion. This activity caps the art exhibit Philippines, Oh My! Philippines of GCF.

The event is free of charge but reservations are required. Please contact Leonore Casuga at 8160044 or email us at

Image: Gilda Cordero-Fernando, Miss Philippines between Two Colonizers, 2009

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