Loaded: DPP Holiday Event

Schedule of Activities
20 November 2009
Rockwell Tent

12-1PM: Gunther Diechmann: MacOSX Workflow For Photographers - Gunther Diechmann is an accomplished travel photographer who is also a Apple endorsed photographer. He will be speaking about developing an effective workflow using Mac.

1-2PM: Jo Avila: Let Me Photoshop It For You - Jo Avila will take files from the audience and will post process the images using tried and tested techniques.

2-3PM: Richard Larios: Fine Art Black And White Landscape Photography - A true landscape artist, Larios will share his technique on how to create beautiful Fine Art Landscape photographs.

3-4PM: Pilar Tuason: Finding Beauty: A Guide To Outdoor Female Portraiture / - Pilar Tuason will take a crew of 50 photographers on a live shoot with her around the Rockwell premises. The intent is to show how to get beautiful photographs under ordinary conditions using available light.

3-4PM: Wesley Villarica: Lighting For Fashion Photographers - We all know that Wesley Villarica shoots for the country's top fashion magazines. Wesley will shoot live and demonstrate to everyone his Fashion Lighting Techniques.

4-5PM: Pilar Tuason: Finding Beauty: A Guide To Female Portraiture - Pilar takes her the results of the live shoot and will talk the audience through the thought process and the results. She will also present other photographs from her current work and explain how all the shots were taken.

5:30-6:30PM: Break

6:30-7:30PM: Raul Echivarre: Travel Light: A Photographic Journey - We all know that Raul Echivarre is one of most respected Travel photographers here on DPP. We cornered him to speak in our event and he agreed to share his travel photography secrets.

7:30-8:30PM: Xander Angeles: The X Factor: The man who revolutionized Philippine fashion photography is back in Manila but for only a short time. Xander will go through his current work in New York and explain how to achieve the X FACTOR in all your fashion images.

8:30-10:00: Live Judging- Our night cap, we take the photos you submitted for our contest and have our judges critique them live in front of an audience. For those of you who missed our last Live Judging at Fully Booked High Street last June, you won't want to miss this. You will learn exactly what goes through a judges mind and can take this knowledge to improve your photography. The Judges: Pilar Tuason, Raul Echivarre, Jo Avila, Xander Angeles, Gutsy Tuason Warning: Expect profanity!


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