Asian Photography Festivals (2008-2009)

Singapore International Photography Festival
October 8-31, 2008

Scheduled to take place from 8 to 31 October 2008, the Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF) is the first event of its kind in Southeast Asia. This biennial festival strives to provide a platform for Southeast Asian artists to showcase their works alongside their international peers in various venues such as National Museum of Singapore, The Arts House, 2902 Photo Gallery and more.

3 central components of the SIPF are the official exhibitions, workshops and portfolio review. The festival kick starts with exhibition openings and 2 days of portfolio review sessions for up to 50 Southeast Asian photographers, followed by a series of workshops facilitated by curators and senior photographers for up to 45 Southeast Asian photographers. Selection for workshops/portfolio reviews is based on project submissions.

Open to public are a series of evening presentation by invited curators, artists and festival directors. Over the weekends are series of public lectures and forum to share thoughts, ideas, issues and current trends in photography.

Along with the official exhibitions and programme, is SIPF Fringe which counts on the participation of arts galleries, arts spaces and education institutions to promote photography across Singapore. Individual and organisation that are planning to have photography related activities in October are welcomed to ride on the extensive festival publicity.

The SIPF committee is made up of volunteers and relies on the good will and support from various institutions, corporate organisation and the public to make this festival a reality. Members of the public could contribute to this festival by signing up as volunteers or by purchasing the festival publication.

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