NCCA Sining Ugnayan: NCR's Visual Artist Directory Project

Be Part of the NCCA Sining Ugnayan: NCR's Visual Artist Directory Project! This will be launch as a Social Network Site and become part of the NCCA's official listing of visual artists in the Philippines.

Qualifications (any of the following):
1.Professional Visual Artists' who are Metro Manila Residents
2.Practicing Visual Artists' in Metro Manila
3. Art Groups/ Organizations established in Metro Manila

Visual Arts/ Painting (Traditional Media/ Mixed-Media)/ Illustration/ Graphic /Digital Design/ Sculpture/ Terra Cotta/ Installation Art/ Film/ Photography/ Animation/ Fashion Design/ Performing Arts/ Printmaking/ Art Educators/ Art Groups/ Organizations (and other related visual arts field)

SINING UGNAYAN: Creating the National Capital Region Visual Artists’ Directory


“Sining Ugnayan”: The Philippine Visual Artists Directory is a committee initiated project of the National Committee on Visual Arts for the year 2009-2010 to put forth and come up with visual artists and artists groups’ directory. The project eventually aims to conceive a comprehensive visual artist’s directory consolidated from similar research in Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao. But it will be enhanced by a social network site. As a final output this research in a directory form will become part of the NCCA’s official listing of visual artists in the Philippines.


“Sining Ugnayan: Creating the NCR Visual Artist’s Directory” is a project that will identify, locate, and record in writing and document in photographs the existing visual artists and artists’ groups all over the Metro Manila. There are 14 cities and 3 municipalities that make up the geographical basis for the project’s methodology. The project’s gathering of data will first be administered in the cities and municipalities with direct coordination with the Mayor’s Registry Offices. In each cities and municipalities are schools, organizations, museums, art studios, galleries wherein our team aims to visit and purposely get the necessary data and eventually invite them to join the social network site. The social network site is an enhance feature of this project which will become network accessible, database ready and an artists’ catalogue for future events.

The project will gather the artist‘s profile/resume, document the artist’s photo and samples of their most recent and/or important works. It will specifically classify practicing individual painters, sculptors, mixed-media/installation practitioners, and performance artists or art groups that have had ample exposure and artistic contribution in their respective communities or abroad.

Artists and artist’s groups will also be made aware of the NCCA’s programs and activities through an NCCA team (if possible) that can distribute NCCA reading materials and proposal forms as kits during the city visits of this project’s Research Team. The NCCA materials can also be distributed (in the absence of an NCCA staff) by the Proponent and the City Coordinators of this project who comprises of diverse artists in different fields namely social media and techniques, art educator, visual artists, and mass communication educator.

The project will be lead by this proponent as the lead researcher and will be aided by an assistant researcher, three city coordinators, and a photo documenter. Unlike the regional thorough finding of artists will be done by mostly an island or town visit majority through air, water and land transportation. For Metro Manila accessibility in transportation by land would be manageable, therefore, we find it logical to create the directory and start it now which has not been done since it was proposed in the category for visual arts .


The proposed research project is meant to contribute to the body of knowledge of local and national art by providing hard copy information on this vital data of artists and artists groups that have contributed to the eventual growth of visual art in the NCR region. The continuing absence of a comprehensive and readily available art directory has hampered the growth of the visual arts in Metro Manila. In addition, because of disorganization of artists here in Metro Manila, there is lacking in communication and cooperation to support the goal of NCCA for the promotions of arts and culture which the NCCA office initiated it here in Metro Manila and done all over the Philippines. Institutions and agencies that need to identify visual artists for artistic/ educational activities and developmental programs in specific NCR regions will find the directory especially useful.

The data gathered will also be useful for the proponent’s next stage of this project’s research and development. A full-color biographical book of NCR artists and their selected sample works will also be proposed as a follow-up proposal to this undertaking. Overall, the data gathered will contribute in recognizing the Filipino artists in relation to nation-building in a country where art is not a priority.

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Please sign-up before May 2009

For more information please contact the following:

Mary Ann Mendoza-Uy
Head/ Lead Researcher
Email: mrynn_y@yahoo. com

Joel Yuvienco
Assistant Researcher
Email: joel.yuvienco@
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