SineSiyasat Forum Series 1: Art and Regulation

19 March 2009
UPFI Ishmael Bernal Gallery

When we talk about ‘control’ in the practices and production of art, do we put emphasis on form or content? When do we draw the line between regulation for the purposes of direction/development and repressive/oppressive intervention? As art functions in service to the society, how can/should the agents of the society be of service to art? Up to what borders shall art be regulated? Moreso, do we need regulations? What is it for? At present, does it serve its purpose?

This forum queries on several issues on art – freedom of expression, censorship, institutional assistance, and the dynamics of exhibition, among others. Art and Regulations will be held on March 19, 2009, at 6pm, at the Ishmael Bernal Gallery as the first of a series of forums/symposia/ seminars under the SineSiyasat Project of UPFI.

SineSiyasat aims to provide a venue for discussions and educational dialogue between scholars, practitioners and students of film and the other arts. It wishes to interrogate, dissect and address important issues concerning filmmakers, artists, academicians and students.

SineSiyasat is an extension project of the UP Film Institute. For confirmation of attendance and other inquiries, contact Bang Dizon at 920-6863 or Avie Felix at 926-2722, or email upfi.adarna@
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