2nd Pitik-Mulat Photography Visit

16 February 2008
Hapilan, Tondo, Manila

Pitik-Mulat Photography Visit is a bi-annual gathering of professional and student photographers set out on an exposure trip and photo shoot in an indigent community to produce photos representative of and relevant to our times. The activity culminates in an exhibit and critique session with fellow participants and invited professional photographers and photojournalists.

The chosen site for this year is Tondo, Manila where the highest concentration of urban poor in Metro Manila is located. The particular community is called Hapilan which derives its name from a Visayan word for dumpsite. Hapilan is a coal-making community behind the Manila dumpsite. Almost all the residents of this community are living below poverty line and within the means available from their immediate environment. Currently compounding their already impoverished condition are continuing threats of displacement due to infrastructure development and privatization plans of the local and national government.

Aside from drawing attention to the issues of poverty and social injustice in the country, Photo Visit also seeks to encourage and train young and creative individuals in the field of documentary photography.

Last year, Photo Visit was successfully launched and joined in by 22 student photographers from UP Diliman together with photojournalists Luis Liwanag, Raffy Lerma and Vivian Limpin.

For this year's Photo Visit we are again inviting professional and student photographers to take part in this activity intended for the integration of social and artistic awareness. Student participants will be provided an excellent opportunity as amateur photographers to produce powerful photos through their visit to poverty-stricken communities, to have their photos exhibited and published, and to dialogue and work with some of the country’s best photographers and photojournalists.

The Photo Visit will be on February 16, 2008. Photo outputs will be exhibited on the succeeding weeks in different venues.

For inquiries, contact: tudla_productions@yahoo.com or leave a comment/message @ Tudla Productions Multiply site.
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