Ibon-Ebon Festival 2008

The local government of Candaba, headed by Mayor Jerry Pelayo is organizing the Ibon-Ebon Festival (literally, “birds and eggs”) on February 1-2 for students and to service the local and foreign tourists. The festival features the migratory birds and the municipality's growing duck-egg (ebun) industry.

This is an opportunity not to be missed by both Bird watchers and the general public alike to see flocks of birds (starting October and staying until February) take a winter break and the time for breeding.

View or download festival schedule here.

Candaba swamp is composed of freshwater ponds, swamps and marshes with surrounding areas of seasonally flooded grassland, arable land and palm savanna on a vast alluvial flood plain which make it adviseable to bring rubber boots, telescope and and proper clothing. Click here for more info.

Photographers, especially the first timers in shooting Birds/ Wildlife might find these tips helpful.

See vicinity map & schedule of activities.

How to get there.
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