Rachel Rillo's 'Manila' at Silverlens Gallery (Updated)

13 February 2008
6 PM

Rachel Rillo will be opening her photography exhibit, metaphorically called “MANILA”, on February 13th, 6pm, at the Silverlens gallery. It is her second exhibit after being the inaugural show at the warehouse space the photography gallery moved into in September 2006.

Her photographs are intimate in size, drawing the viewer in what would otherwise be a common sight. Rillo, returning last year from the United States, continued shooting the wires project she started abroad some three years ago. But in Manila, “the more I looked the harder it was for me to see anything else. The wires were the perfect metaphor for the chaos shrouding the city.”

The images are emotional; alternately funny and somber, gentle and violent, delicate and tensile. The deliberate exclusion of buildings and clouds must have made for a funny sight while Rillo was shooting. Her viewfinder framing, physically dodging all other evidence of viral urban growth shows the exquisite that is above us if only we care to see.

Accompanying “MANILA” are Saturday Gallery Activities, all from 3 – 5 pm:

Feb. 16 – Man Ray Film Showing and Rachel Rillo Gallery Talk

Feb. 23 – Edson Cabalfin: Colonial Imaginings of Manila Architectural Photographs of Dean C. Worcester, 1898-1914

March 1 – John Silva: On Manila

Silverlens gallery is at 2320 Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City. Gallery hours are Monday to Friday 10 am – 7 pm, Saturday 1 – 6 pm. Call 816-0044, email manage@silverlensphoto.com or visit www.silverlensphoto.com for more info.
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