The 4th PopDev Media Awards

The contest is open to all print, broadcast, online, and photo journalists nationwide.

PLCPD is looking for entries that significantly explain the intrinsic connection between population factors and socio-economic issues. In particular, we would like to see entries that discern or explain how population growth impacts on the progress or decline in:
  • Public health
  • Economic growth and poverty
  • Environment
  • Housing and urban development
  • Sustainable development
  • Food security
Entries may also tackle:
  • Reproductive health and rights
  • Family planning
  • Reproductive health policy and governance
  • Migration
  • Population ageing

The major categories for the 4th PopDev Media Awards are the following:

1. Print and Online
  • Best News Reportage (should consist of a body of work or a series of at least three spot news reports).
  • Best Opinion or Editorial Piece
  • Best Investigative Report
  • Best Feature or Magazine Article
2. TV
  • Best TV Documentary
  • Best Magazine Program or Talk Show
3. Radio
  • Best Radio Program – News, Commentary (should consist of a series of at least three separate news reports or commentaries) or Special Production of Media Agencies
4. Photojournalism
  • Best Single Photo

Entries should have been published between August 16, 2007 and August 15, 2008 in a publication (print or online) or network (TV or radio) that has been in existence for at least one year.

Each entry should be submitted together with a filled up entry form. Deadline for submission of entries is on August 31, 2008.

1. Print and Online
  • Entries can be submitted via mail or e-mail.
  • Entries sent by mail must be printed on legal-size bond paper with date/s and name of publication or URL, and sealed in a brown envelope.
  • Materials using local dialects must be accompanied with a translation of the text in English or Filipino.
2. TV
  • Entries should be in VHS, VCD or DVD format with the title of the program and segment, and date and time of broadcast, together with a synopsis of each broadcast in English.
3. Radio
  • For news and commentaries, entries should consist of at least three (3) separate broadcasts (spot reports or commentaries).
  • Entries should be in cassette tape or CD format with the program title, and dates and time of broadcasts together with a synopsis of each broadcast in English or Filipino.
  • Materials using local dialects must be accompanied with a translation of the text in English or Filipino.
4. Photojournalism
  • Entries should be submitted in print or CD format or via email.
  • Entries should include the caption/s and proof of publication, i.e., for photos published in print media: copy of the photo as published in the newspaper or magazine; for photos published on the Internet: link to the URL where the photo/s can be found.
  • Interested parties may send as many entries in a chosen category.
  • Only entries that comply with these rules and regulations shall qualify for the final judging.
  • The decision of the Board of Judges shall be final.
  • PLCPD shall have the right to use winning entries in information dissemination or education campaigns with due credit given to the authors/owners of the entries.
Entries must be submitted to the PLCPD Secretariat together with a duly filled-up entry form not later than August 31, 2008.

By mail:

The Integrated Resource Center
Philippine Legislators’ Committee on Population and Development (PLCPD)
2/F AVECSS Bldg., Kamias Road cor. K-J Street, East Kamias,
1102 Quezon City

By e-mail: (cc:; Please indicate "Entry to the PopDev Media Awards" on the subject line.


Winners shall receive the following:

* Cash prize
* Trophy and certificate
* Study trip to a project area in the Philippines

Prizes are non-transferable.

For more information, please contact the PLCPD Secretariat at tel. nos. (02) 9251800 or 4362373 local 5; Maida at 0918 3389363, or Eli at 0917 4413091.

Download Application Form here.

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