Cut: New Photography From South East Asia

Cut: New Photography From South East Asia
13th Feb to 1st March 2008
Valentine Willie Fine Art Gallery
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

CUT brings together 12 artists from indonesia, the Philippines, malaysia, and tahiland in an exploration of current and emerging approaches to photography in the region, both as a pure discipline, and as a base or key component in broader contemporary art practices. Raw, irreverent, poised, dark, humorous and romantic, working with space, portraiture, landscape, narrative and perfomance, they give an insight into the tremendous possibilities of an important medium so far overlooked in the local mainstream.

The line-up of 12 participating artists includes artists who work with photography as part of their practice such as Montri (Thailand), Poklong Anading (Philppines), Lena Cobangbang (Philippines), and Angki Purbandono (Indonesia), as well as artists who are focused more purely on photography such as Steve Tirona (Philippines), Sharon Lam (Malaysia), Tino Djumini (Indonesia) and Sherman Ong (Singapore).

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