Surfacing Photo Exhibit @ tutoK:2talK Creative Convergence

SURFACING Photo Exhibit
Sambalikhaan Grounds
Asian Institute for Liturgy and Music, 275 E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City
February 27-29, 2008

A photographers' initiative led by the Free Jonas Burgos Movement and Desaparecidos, is an effort to create and sustain public awareness on the issue of enforced disappearances. It shows the lives and struggles of 14 families of the disappeared, as well as that of the disappeared.

“A photograph is an expression of absence and a form of transport,” says writer John Berger. Let these photos express the pain and injustice of the desaparecidos’ absence and transport us to the reality that we need to face and collectively challenge.

  • Estan Cabigas
  • Enrimand "Manman" Dejeto
  • Kenneth Guda
  • Diana Moraleda
  • Sandino Nartea
  • Judy Pasimio
  • Joseph Purugganan
  • Ilang-Ilang Quijano
  • Candice Anne Reyes
  • Leonard Reyes
  • Dennis Rito
  • Marc Talampas
  • Jenny TaƱedo
  • Alanah Torralba
Curated by Nino Tagaro and Jes Aznar

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