Joining a Photo Contest? Read the Fine Prints First

Rights/ License-grab Photo Contests with overreaching contest mechanics are becoming more rampant nowadays. Which is why photographers should be vigilant.
Please read the fine prints before entering a photo contest or submitting images online:

"All entries shall automatically become exclusive property of Gift Gate, Inc. and may be used, copied, reproduced and/or reprinted by Gift Gate, Inc. into any size or medium for exhibition, advertising, promotion or whatever purpose. Contest participant further allows Gift Gate, Inc. to use his/her name and/or image/picture/ likeness without limit in conjunction with his winning entry."
(From "Swatch Chinese New Year Photo Contest" mechanics sent by Nix Taytay through PhotoWorld Manila egroup)

"... you hereby grant Sony Ericsson, its subsidiaries and branch offices the perpetual right to exclusively, royalty-free and without limitation freely use, modify, edit, copy, reproduce, distribute, translate, create derivate works from, alter and publicly display or publish such content, for whatever purposes, in any form or medium, either on this web-site or elsewhere, whether promotional or in other activities or events arranged by Sony Ericsson or any of the above stated parties, whether locally or world-wide."
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